Every video or letter supports the foundation fighting against children's cancer diseases
Santi Mikołaj
Welcome to Santa Claus's home

By bringing joy to your loved ones, you're helping!

For every sold movie and letter from Santa Claus, we donate to the 'TO THE RESCUE' foundation, and together with you, we help children fighting cancer

Video from Santa

Believe in the Magic of Santa Claus

  • Express delivery movie ready in just an hour
  • Up to 7 photos that you can add to the movie
  • Up to 17 customizations to choose from

A video message from Santa Claus will surprise your loved ones!
The joy and emotions will stay in your memory and that of the gifted ones for many years
A movie from Santa Claus is a wonderful keepsake
Make the moments of extraordinary joy last longer, download and save the movie from Santa Claus

Call from Santa

Santa will call directly to your phone

  • Santa will call your phone
  • Movie ready in just an hour

Movie from Santa Claus with a Phone Call' is an interactive, film message directly from Santa Claus. During the movie, Santa will call directly to your phone. As soon as you answer, Santa will immediately address your loved ones by name and check the information gathered by the elves

Letter from Santa

Letters from Santa Claus

A Letter from Santa Claus is a wonderful surprise for both children and adults. It brings joy to the recipient and surprise as they unpack this extraordinary parcel delivered by the postal worker. You can order personal letters from Santa for your loved ones today, each accompanied by a child’s courtesy report. Every letter is personally addressed to the child.

What will I receive?

  • Express delivery - movie ready in just 1 hour in your email inbox
  • Over 20 different personalizations
  • Up to 7 photos that you can add in one movie
  • Video call from Santa Claus - Santa will call your loved ones while they watch the movie
  • Option to save the movie to disk
  • Each movie in high resolution FULL HD